Charge safe & secure

e-bike charging solutions for your building

We're here every step of the way. Remove the complexity of safe e-bike charging. We handle installation, energy management, customer experience, and more.

We remove the complexity and make it simple to provide safe and secure e-bike charging

Tamper proof design

Deploy a solution which reduces poor user experience. We provide an unparalleled seamless UX via the Ohmie GO app.

Smart load management

Safely manage load and power with our intelligent technology overlay. Easily meter usage and opt to allocate user energy cost.

Modular e-bike chargers

Create and grow your e-bike charging solution with ease. Adaptable and compact design. 1m length to charge two e-bikes.

Leading partners trust Ohmie GO

We make it simple for buildings

We provide specification on the works required by the building as well as what Ohmie GO provides as part of its installation.

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"Our residents couldn’t be happier. Ohmie GO are the best in market for a reason, the devil is in the detail, and is why we have partnered with them to deliver electric mobility across our projects."

Zeyad Imam

General Manager, Aria Living

"Ohmie GO has a sound business model backed by strong customer feedback, and it’s servicing a sector that’s important as we decarbonise the economy. Their vision of the future of mobility and our vision of the future of living are aligned."

Angela Buckley

General Manager Build to Rent , Mirvac

"Alternative mobility options, like those provided by Ohmie GO, enable us to work towards smarter and more sustainable cities. In a densely populated city like Melbourne, having an e-mobility provider in our building is a game changer."

Steve Ford

Head of Sustainability, The GPT Group


How do I get Ohmie GO chargers in my building?

Every building is different and requires a tailored approach. Reach out to the Ohmie GO team and we’ll set up a meeting to walk you through everything you need for your building to be NCC compliant.

Whats required for me to charge?

To use the installed chargers, you’ll need:  – The Ohmie GO mobile app. Everything else is provided on install or covered via the annual subscription.

Can the chargers work on any EV?

Of course. The Ohmie GO charging solutions can charge any vehicle that has a Type 2 socket. Type 2 is the standard plug type in Australia, so it should support most electric vehicles on the road today. All new electric vehicles sold in Australia must have a Type 2 socket. 

What are the costs to the building?

We offer a range of commercial options to cover the set up and ongoing management of Ohmie GO in your building. Reach out to the Ohmie GO team to discuss what solutions are best suited to the needs of your building and residents.

Get an Ohmie GO electric mobility hub in your building

100% electric

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