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e-Mobility for your building

We are building the future of mobility in partnership with the most innovative and sustainable players in the property industry - electric mobility as a service and amenity.
The Ohmie GO difference.

Welcome to a world of sustainable shared e-Mobility. A set of electric vehicles and chargers located in your building exclusively for your residents.

Electric Vehicles

Drive the future


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Tenant & Resident Chargers

Any EV Model

It's simple. The worlds best solution. All you need in one place, positively impacting buildings, residents and the planet.


We take care
of everything

We've got you covered. Our team manages installation, cleaning, maintenance, billing, insurance, 24/7 support, sustainability reporting and much more.

Constantly innovating

Leading the way

We are leaders and innovators in e-Mobility and prop-tech, with deep expertise and experience delivering state-of-the-art technology across the property sector.

Technology enabled

Effortless digital

Residents can access sustainable e-Mobility at a touch of a button. Unlock and lock, make bookings, access support, and more all via the Ohmie GO app.

Forward-thinking partners

We are surrounded by the best. Trusted by the most innovative and sustainable players in the property industry specialising in residential, commercial, retirement living, built to rent, and hotel development.


How Ohmie GO can benefit you and your residents

We make it simple

All in one place. One experience We provide an end-to-end solution. It is completely managed by us, including registration, insurance, roadside assistance, electricity costs and tolls.


Reduce your environmental impact and equip residents with access to sustainable mobility. Additional Greenstar Rating credits are available by using Ohmie GO.

Solve parking challenges

Ohmie GO creates scalable mobility hubs for buildings, and in doing so provide a viable solution to many car park challenges. We can provide advice where and when required.

Attract residents 

A high level of amenity and service allows buildings to standout. Feedback from residents of operational sites across Australia confirmed having access to premium eMobility positively influenced their decision to either purchase or live in the property. 

Save money 

Our effortless, pay-as-you-go model provides flexibility to residents. All inclusive price; no seperate registration, interest, insurance or fuel cost typically associated with owning a private vehicle. 


No more cleaning, servicing, or maintenance. We take care of that so residents don’t have to. It's like owning a vehicle without the hassle of owning a vehicle.

Customer experience 

Our world-class technology allows residents to access all sustainable e-Mobility at a touch of a button in one single app. They can book EV’s, eBikes, eScooters, and chargers, unlock and lock, access support, and more all via the Ohmie GO app.

Drive sustainable

Ohmie GO provides residents access to the best EV experience, with the ability to exercise their own environmental standards, utilising onsite EV’s, eBikes, eScooters, or dedicated chargers. We provide the perfect gateway to 100% electric mobility.

"Our residents couldn’t be happier.
Ohmie GO are the best in market for a reason, the devil is in the detail, and is why we have partnered with them to deliver electric mobility across our projects"

Zeyad Imam

General Manager, Aria Living

We are partnering with industry leaders so no one gets left behind

100% electric

Exclusive to residents


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Media Release
November 16, 2022

Green Building Council of Australia welcomes first e-mobility and tech start-up

“We work with some of Australia’s biggest and most well-known developers who have been awarded Green Star ratings from GBCA, and have Ohmie GO e-mobility vehicles in their buildings, as a part of their sustainability targets,” said Kyle.
Media Release
October 14, 2022

ICD Property harness leading electric mobility technology with Ohmie GO

“At ICD Property, we are always focused on delivering amenities to our residents that improve their quality of life. We are also acutely aware of the property industry’s responsibility to move towards greener practices, which we are constantly trying to evolve within our own developments. Ohmie GO marries these two values, providing a highly useful amenity to our residents that will improve their lifestyle, save money, and also push for more sustainable outcomes in our industry. Not to mention helps lower overall greenhouse gases and traffic congestion in our cities,” says ICD Property’s CEO Matt Khoo.
Thought Leadership
September 30, 2022

The end of the fuel excise discount signals an urgent need to re-examine car ownership

The end of the fuel excise discount on October 1 signals an immediate need for the re-examination of car ownership and petrol vehicles. With prices set to increase significantly, in line with those seen prior to the excise discount, many are concerned at the rising costs of living.