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shared e-Mobility in your building

A to B Emissions-Free

Ohmie GO is an exclusive electric car sharing service for your building!
Residents and tenants of the building can book and drive premium electric vehicles on demand 24/7 right from the building's own carpark for as little as $15 an hour.

What Our Customers Say

"We love Ohmie GO! Owning a car is crazy expensive and because we live in the CBD we hardly need one, but when we do it’s great to have this facility right here in our building. It’s wonderful that they’re electric cars, not only do we not have to worry about fuel but it’s great for that as well! The team at Ohmie GO are great, super responsive when we’ve needed help and so open to suggestions. You’re on to a winner!"
Alex 📌 (Melbourne)
“Picking up the Tesla Model 3 from the car park at work and getting on the road could not have been easier. I can comfortably say the Ohmie Go app was by far the most superior car share experience I’ve ever had, from start to finish. We drove from North Sydney down to the Southern Highlands. We had the car for the whole weekend and not putting any fuel in to drive over 400kms was also a huge bonus.  The only drawback that we could find was having to return the car on Monday morning! Already looking forwards to planning another getaway where we can use Ohmie Go again.”
Tom 📌 (Sydney)

e-Mobility to suit your trip

Electric Cars

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Electric Vans

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We are rolling out Ohmie GO in partner buildings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane,
If you'd like Ohmie GO in your building, contact us below to be added to the waitlist!

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