The Electric Mobility Platform for Buildings

Ohmie GO’s platform provides a suite of solutions to help buildings get EV ready.
These  are delivered to residents as a premium end-to-end managed service and amenity - An intelligent way to get EV ready with one seamless experience.
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Modular mix & match electric mobility solutions



They are only available to the building residents



Located in the building car park
& available 24/7



Ongoing service and management
of all solutions


One app

Access all e-mobility solutions via the Ohmie GO app

Leading partners trust Ohmie GO

Electric mobility hub

Tailored solutions to revolutionise
the way residents move

The modular mix and match solution for your building

Shared electric vehicles

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Shared e-bikes

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Shared e-scooters

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Shared & private
EV charging solutions

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Shared e-bike charging solution

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Remove all
the complexity

Don't spend time working out how to deliver the best solution. We've already done that. Our team guides you through the process providing specification and installation assistance.


We take care
of everything

We've got you covered. Ongoing service and management including installation, cleaning, maintenance, billing, insurance, 24/7 support, sustainability reporting and much more.

World-class experience

One app, all
things e-mobility

Residents can access their electric mobility hub at a touch of a button. Unlock and lock, make bookings, access support, and more all via the Ohmie GO app.


Ohmie GO creates benefits for buildings & residents

Solve parking challenges

Our state-of-the-art electric mobility hub combines shared electric vehicles, e-bikes, e-scooters, and EV charging solutions. An innovative solution to reduce parking provisions, optimises space utilisation, and offer a suite of sustainable transportation options for residents. Global and local studies indicate one shared car can replace at least 10 private vehicles, underscoring the potential benefits of scalable hubs.

Reduce environmental impact

Support a sustainable economy, improve health, and reduce climate change with multi-modal transportation options. The internationally recognised Green Star rating system endorses buildings for their environmental resilience and assigns points for reduced parking, carshare spaces, and low emission vehicle infrastructure. Our commitment goes beyond: we provide in-depth data on utilisation trends and the tangible impact on sustainability.

Increase building attraction

Our solutions boost a building's appeal. It shows commitment to green and forward-thinking transportation, attracting eco-minded residents. This not only positions the building as eco-friendly and innovative but can also lead to faster leasing and increased property value, with assurance that the infrastructure and amenity is future-proofed for the changing transportation eco-system.

Feedback from residents across our electric mobility hub sites in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane confirm this sentiment, and say it positively influenced their decision to purchase or rent in the building.

Scale with ease

Rest assured partnering with an industry leader. We ensure every building under our purview benefits from latest technology and our expertise. There's comfort in scaling with the best, laying foundations for a sustainable, efficient, and future-ready transportation ecosystem. Our solutions are modular and we ensure a scalable backbone is in place to ensure the success of every buildings electric mobility hub.

Reduce transport costs

According to RACV, the average private ownership costs for a new Medium car are approximately $15,000 per year (5 years at 15,000 km per year). Our all inclusive price means you avoid miscellaneous costs typically associated with owning a private vehicle. It's like owning a vehicle without the hassle of owning a vehicle.

Flexible transport solutions

Most car costs are paid even when you don’t drive. Our pay-as-you-go model provides flexibility to residents who only pay when they need to move which we believe is more equitable for communities.

Increase convenient mobility

Our world-class technology allows residents to access sustainable mobility at a touch of a button in one single app. They can choose from a set of electric vehicles, e-bikes, e-scooters, and chargers, located in the basement of their building. Residents can unlock and lock, access support, and more all via the Ohmie GO app.

Promote sustainable mobility

Enjoy easy access to premium electric vehicles with reduced emissions compared to petrol powered vehicles. Ohmie GO provides easy access to premium electric vehicles and the perfect gateway to sustainable mobility.

"Our residents couldn’t be happier. Ohmie GO are the best in market for a reason, the devil is in the detail, and is why we have partnered with them to deliver electric mobility across our projects."

Zeyad Imam

General Manager, Aria Living

"Ohmie GO has a sound business model backed by strong customer feedback, and it’s servicing a sector that’s important as we decarbonise the economy. Their vision of the future of mobility and our vision of the future of living are aligned."

Angela Buckley

General Manager Build to Rent , Mirvac

"Alternative mobility options, like those provided by Ohmie GO, enable us to work towards smarter and more sustainable cities. In a densely populated city like Melbourne, having an e-mobility provider in our building is a game changer."

Steve Ford

Head of Sustainability, The GPT Group

Forward-thinking partners

We are surrounded by the best. Trusted by the most innovative and sustainable players in the property industry specialising in residential, commercial, retirement living, built to rent, and hotel development.

We are partnering with industry leaders so no one gets left behind

100% electric

Exclusive to residents


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