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Introducing: RCP | Frasers Property

Sustainable Australian developer onboarded onto platform
Ohmie GO
Media team
November 30, 2022

RCP offers access to electric mobility hub

Market leading electric-mobility startupOhmie GO has partnered with Frasers Property Australia, one of Australia’s leading diversified property groups, to provide two Tesla electric vehicles for the exclusive use of staff and tenants at Rhodes Corporate Park.  

The EVs and technology were launched this month at an event taking place at Rhodes Corporate Park.

Kyle Bolto, Founder and CEO of Ohmie GO, said the partnership with Frasers Property is an example of a major property group seeking to implement change at an infrastructural level to impact sustainability

“Tenants and workers at Rhodes Corporate Park have the use of our app, Teslas and charging facilities for use on-demand. Our technology makes the experience as easy as possible for users, you simply open the Ohmie GO app, book a car for as little or as long as you’d like and use your phone to unlock the vehicle in the carpark,” - said Kyle
“Our solution gives people the opportunity to move away from private car ownership, or commuting daily in traffic, to a new era of transport which might include a combination of walking, public transport and shared electric vehicles,” - said Kyle

Mark Gleeson, Executive General Manager Investments, Frasers Property Australia said the new partnership with Ohmie GO enhances the flexibility provided to tenants at Rhodes Corporate Park and their teams.

Our partnership with Ohmie GO enhances the convenience and connectivity we provide our customers in a thoughtful, sustainable way. It recognises not everyone drives to work, it encourages people to cycle or catch the train, and it means those who do so can still access a car if and when they need, even if they need to take it home for the night. It’s all about the flexibility we provide,” - said Mr Gleeson

Kyle Bolto said the tech startup’s mission is to continue disrupting the transport and property industry by changing the relationship between buildings and mobility.

“The future of transport is undoubtedly shared electric-mobility solutions, and we plan to continue innovating in this space by harnessing our technology and experience as market leaders,” - said Kyle


Ohmie GO is Australia’s first, and leading, electric mobility platform for buildings, which was founded in 2018. Ohmie GO is building the future of electric mobility and transport in partnership with Australia's most innovative and sustainable players in the property industry, changing the relationship between buildings and mobility.

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