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Introducing: Aspire | ICD Property

Partnering with leading e-mobility and technology to move towards greener practices
Ohmie GO
Media team
October 14, 2022

Ohmie GO has officially partnered with Melbourne-based developers ICD Property on Aspire Melbourne to provide sustainable shared electric-mobility to residents of the 65-storey tower in Melbourne CBD.

The partnership comes off the back of rising fuel prices and record-breaking inflation driving a desire by apartment residents for cost-effective and sustainable amenities.

Rolling out Ohmie GO within Aspire Melbourne marks the second partnership between the two groups after Ohmie GO piloted at ICD Property’s Eq Tower in 2019 with the rollout of two shared Hyundai Kona electric vehicles.

Using the Ohmie GO app, residents are able to securely book an electric vehicle for as low as $16.50 an hour, with Ohmie GO managing the service end-to-end including maintenance, cleaning, insurance, billing, on-demand support, and sustainability reporting. Presenting a modern solution for apartment residents looking to save money whilst not losing out on the lifestyle and convenience of owning a car.

Looking at data from the Motoring Associations of Australia, car ownership in Australia averages $10,000 - $15,000 per annum, with this figure looking to rise in the future with petrol, maintenance, and insurance all facing price hikes. Further research shows, a typical private car sits idle for up to 96% of its lifetime with increased work/study-from-home conditions exacerbating this figure.

For residents of Aspire Melbourne, the offering of Ohmie GO means not needing to spend a dime on fuel, car servicing, or forking out the $40,000 - $120,000 typically charged to purchase a car park within a residential building in Melbourne CBD.

“At ICD Property, we are always focused on delivering amenities to our residents that improve their quality of life. We are also acutely aware of the property industry’s responsibility to move towards greener practices, which we are constantly trying to evolve within our own developments. Ohmie GO marries these two values, providing a highly useful amenity to our residents that will improve their lifestyle, save money, and also push for more sustainable outcomes in our industry. Not to mention helps lower overall greenhouse gases and traffic congestion in our cities,” - says ICD Property’s CEO Matt Khoo
“ICD Property first met with Ohmie GO in 2019, recognising their unique cornerstone in the market of private sustainable transport and offered our Eq. Tower residential development as an opportunity to test-drive their product, piloting their first ever residential shared electric vehicle service. It is amazing to work with them again now years later, seeing how their business has grown and gotten even better and more beneficial to developers and residents,” - continued Khoo

Other green initiatives ICD Property has implemented across their development portfolio include the design of South Australia’s greenest office tower within their Market Square precinct. The 7-storey 20,000 sqm office tower boasts an all-electric build, 6-star Green Star and 5 and 1⁄2-star NABERs credentials, rooftop solar, and award-winning waste management system.

“Since 2016, we’ve been harnessing the latest technology to drive sustainable outcomes for the built form. We recognised early on that one of the significant looming challenges was how does the built form handle the transition into e-Mobility. We’re now working with some of the most forward-thinking players in the property industry, positively impacting buildings, residents, and the planet,” - says Ohmie GO CEO Kyle Bolto

One Queensland building that has partnered with Ohmie GO has already reported offsetting over three tonnes of CO2 emissions within a single month. Empowering residents to choose a greener mode of transport whilst still accessing premium car vehicles and simultaneously saving money.

Ohmie GO is continuing to expand their solution across residential and commercial buildings, including the build to rent space, appealing to financially savvy buyers, as well as the aged-care, retirement, hotel and downsizer communities who benefit from access to a private car without the responsibility of 24/7 ownership.

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Ohmie GO is Australia’s first, and leading, electric mobility platform for buildings, which was founded in 2018. Ohmie GO is building the future of electric mobility and transport in partnership with Australia's most innovative and sustainable players in the property industry, changing the relationship between buildings and mobility.

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