Grosvenor Place emission reduction offer with Ohmie GO

Office workers exercising their own environmental standards
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February 2, 2022

Sydney’s landmark modernist office tower Grosvenor Place has always been ahead of its time and from next month the building’s tenants will be offered a first in a premium commercial building located in Sydney’s CBD – an emissions free travel option with a Tesla available exclusively for tenants.

Announcing a new partnership with Ohmie Go from February 2022, Grosvenor Place tenants can exclusively access the Tesla Model 3 SR Plus via their phone app and pick-up in the vehicle from its top floor parking bay to silently spin off to a meeting or take it away for a road-tripping weekend.

"The fully flexible offer, from as low as $15 an hour to under $200 for the weekend, will create an added incentive to head back to the office," according to the building’s Executive Director John Derrick

He says the Grosvenor Place tenants are the perfect fit for the Ohmie GO Tesla with their desire for premium and aspirational offers and their environmental and sustainably focused values. He said the partnership would add to the building’s impressive ESG performance where sustainability is a priority from building infrastructure made from the recycled Simply Cups scheme they support and the first waste food dehydrator installed in any office tower in the country.

He said tenants could now fully exercise their own environmental standards by cycling into the office to take advantage of the building’s 5 Star end of trip facilities and first-rate bike parking and servicing station, then swap into the emission free Tesla for a meeting trip.

“The electrification transport revolution is coming and we intend to be at the forefront with this offer and our own provision of recharging bays to be able to quickly scale up to meet demand,” Derrick said

Ohmie GO Head of Growth Max Millett said they were impressed how much the management and community at Grosvenor Place really act on their sustainability efforts throughout the building and Ohmie GO is excited for how this opportunity will be received.

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