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Ohmie GO
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November 16, 2022

Ohmie GO has become the first electric-mobility and technology start-up to become a member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), the peak body for sustainable buildings and communities.

The GBCA is a member-based organisation and its purpose is to lead the sustainable transformation of the built environment. GBCA provides guidance and education on sustainable developments, building and designs and rates the sustainability of buildings, fit-outs and communities through Australia’s largest national, voluntary, holistic rating system – Green Star.

Ohmie GO Founder and CEO Kyle Bolto says the GBCA were a “natural fit” for their business, which is disrupting the transport and property industry, by changing the relationship between buildings and mobility. Ohmie GO are installing electric-mobility hubs in developments across Australia, providing tenant-only access to EVs, micro-mobility and EV charging, all in one seamless app.

“Joining the GBCA is a perfect brand alignment for us, as we’re truly passionate about transforming the way we move around our cities, providing greater access to sustainable mobility so no one gets left behind,” - said Kyle

GBCA CEO Davina Rooney said it made sense for businesses to “walk the path of decarbonisation together”.

“Our expectations of the built environment have grown alongside the current health and climate challenges and businesses are increasingly seeking places that are healthy for people and the planet. Electric-mobility and building infrastructure that supports it are part of that future,” - said Davina Rooney

As the leading authority on building sustainability, GBCA has also founded its own Green Star rating system used by developers across Australia as an internationally-recognised sustainability rating and certification system.

“We work with some of Australia’s biggest and most well-known developers who have been awarded Green Star ratings from GBCA, and have Ohmie GO e-mobility vehicles in their buildings, as a part of their sustainability targets,” - said Kyle
“It’s wonderful to be part of the GBCA member portfolio now, as we’ve been committed to this mission for quite some time,” - said Kyle

The GBCA is comprised of approximately 650 member companies which include over 400 small-to-medium enterprises, 81 companies with annual turnover of more than $100 million and 33 companies now listed in the ASX200.

Likewise, its membership base includes major developers, professional services firms, banks, superannuation funds, product manufacturers, retailers, utilities, suppliers, educational institutions, local government and, now, an e-mobility and technology company.

“Ohmie GO is helping investors and businesses meet community expectations and ESG ambitions and GBCA is delighted to engage with diverse members, like Ohmie GO, to drive a healthier, more sustainable future forward,” - said Davina
“If our industries are going to eliminate fossil fuels, tackle climate change, and ensure a healthy Australia for future generations, the decade of decarbonisation - for buildings, mobility and beyond – is now, and collaboration is key to making that happen,” - said Kyle


Ohmie GO is Australia’s first, and leading, electric mobility platform for buildings, which was founded in 2018. Ohmie GO is building the future of electric mobility and transport in partnership with Australia's most innovative and sustainable players in the property industry, changing the relationship between buildings and mobility.

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