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Introducing: The Standard | Aria Property

Residents access Electric Mobility Hub as premium amenity & service
Ohmie GO
Media team
September 7, 2022

As an industry leader, Aria's commitment to innovation and sustainability is a core value. At The Standard we have adopted Queensland's first car share scheme in a residential building via three electric Tesla vehicles.

This was achieved in partnership with Ohmie GO and is reducing vehicular movements, reliance on and costs of personal car ownership. Charged via by solar panels on the rooftop of The Standard, the vehicles are then hired by residents through a simple to use phone App.

The flexibility of the booking system and availability has translated into 102 bookings and 786 hours of usage. Residents attribute the high demand to the accessibility, flexibility, low-cost and great customer service.

"Our residents couldn’t be happier. Ohmie GO are the best in market for a reason, the devil is in the detail, and is why we have partnered with them to deliver electric mobility across our projects.," said Zeyad Imam, General Manager Aria Living

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